KAC Product Recall Notice

October 20, 2020

Important Safety Bulletin from KAC Alarm Company Ltd: Manual Call Point Flexi Glass

We have received notification from KAC Alarm Company in regards to their Flex Call Points. KAC has identified an issue with KAC Call Point when the Flexi element is pushed. The Flexi element may not drop and initiate an alarm as intended on the initial “push.” This may present a fire safety risk. Affected units were manufactured from 27th July to 7th September 2020 and can be identified by the manufacturing date code range from 2031 to 2036 located on the packaging or on the label on the rear of the product. This requires your immediate and mandatory action.

Affected models can be identified where the model number includes “F” in the model number as follows:

Manual Call Points:                   M**-*****F-****

Waterproof Call Points:             W**-*****F-***

You have been identified as a possible customer who may have purchased the affected Flexi Call Points.  The enclosed KAC Safety Bulletin for Call Point Flexi issue, details instructions on how to identify an affected product and how to replace the Flexi-element or Call Point.

CLICK HERE for KAC Safety Bulletin For Call Point Flexi Issue

Please be assured that KAC Alarm Company has implemented the necessary corrective actions and units leaving ADI Global Distribution since 6th of October, are not impacted.

If there are any questions, please contact your ADI Global Distribution sales contact.

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